Why Us?

Lean workflow

Fertile Chaos is a unique software development shop. We approach your projects with the mindset of early-stage entrepreneurs. We use methods like Lean and Design Thinking with Agile workflows to cut straight to core problems, cast off all extraneous, and build solutions that matter to you. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we minimize time, wasted effort, and expense, and know that the true metrics of success are your empowered employees, and your raving customers and investors.

One stop solution

We’re not constrained by the preconceived notions of any industry. We combine deep experience with early-stage technology and business strategy, and don’t simply guide you on the construction of software. We shephard you to a unified vision of product, consumer, strategy, and future growth. Don’t fight to match your colleagues or catch up with headlines; launch past them. Build your own products. Break your limits; grow beyond.

Professional team

Our team of brilliant engineers and data scientists, startup hustlers, PHD’s, web and mobile developers, sharp and intuitive designers, and multifaceted business and tech nerds will analyze, build, test, integrate, and help you unleash your potential. Your potential, unlocked.

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