We work with financial firms, doctors and hospitals, retailers and manufacturers, tech firms, pharma, and ambitious companies of all stripes. We create competitive advantage through applied Artificial Intelligence.

How?  We spend time getting to know your problems and your operational environment. We communicate with you transparently at every step, and build fast and clean. We help you find the best machine learning application for you, build it, and blend it seamlessly into your workflow.

We run discovery workshops with your team, laser-focus on the business use case, verify and test with early proofs of concept, and lay out the plan to production and scale.

Focused on your problems. Focused on solutions to unleash your potential.


  • Analyze the problem and business ecosystem for suitability of machine learning applications​

  • Present the insights and outline for the initial design prototype

Data Aquisition

  • Gather and structure available data, or build data acquisition systems for necessary training data

  • Build initial AI model

Data Modelling

  • Train the AI, improve the model, run alternative simulations for QA

  • Test initial integration, gather user feedback

Scaling Up

  • Fine tune the AI training and modeling, build features and structures for complete integration with company workflow

  • Expand and deliver the final product, whether it’s a restful API, site, server, internal bot, or graphical application

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